Kristen wanted answers about how to practice yoga in a way that made sense for how the body is designed to move.

After studying in depth anatomical alignment, biomechanics, and functional movement she experienced incredible growth in her own practice even after already practicing and teaching for nearly 12 years. She also learned about poses she was practicing that were hurting her more than helping her body. Kristen started teaching her students differently as a result and noticed incredible changes in their level of strength and speed of progress.

Kristen’s approach to teaching biomechanically informed yoga diminished and even eliminated some of their injuries, as well as her own. This approach to yoga teaches your body how to move in healthy ways, and not just on the mat, but in daily life. In addition to the physical benefits, the value of inner-reflection and mindfulness in yoga was creating real transformation in the lives of of her students as well, creating shifts in perspective that led to powerful changes in behavior and outcomes. Kristen now wants to share this comprehensive knowledge with you as your yoga teacher and life coach and support you in the changes you want to see in your practice and your life.


Kristen is the founder of Yoga on the Mountain as well as a co-founder of Yoga Lab, where she teaches weekly in addition to her online teaching resources on her social media and website.

Kristen offers private life coaching upon request. Carry your awareness off the mat with positive psychology inspired guidance to clear the path to get what YOU want in life.